May 11, 2013

Income Boost Case Study: Texting Girls Business

From time to time, I come across some very interesting entrepreneurs.  The other day, when assisting a 30 something gentlemen establish his business banking relationship, I noticed a very unique business name.  It had something to do with "What To Text Girls" or something along those lines.

Always curious, I asked some probing questions about what exactly he does, and he shared that he wrote a "program" which I later found to be a members only log-in to a series of 8 videos and 8 lengthy articles on what to text the girl you like.

At first I was a little skeptical, but he was very enthusiastic about his business and told me all about it.  He has relationships with a few joint partners that have high traffic blogs in the dating advice space, and they sell his product for him through their blog.  His retail price is $97, and splits the proceeds 50/50 with his "JV partners."

He went on to say "just made a sale" about 3 times during the conversation, which netted him $150 during the 30 minutes at my desk.  He went as far as showing me the deposits into his mobile banking account.

I asked him if he could show me some of his content, and he graciously gave me a log-in to his program.  He did a great job capturing the interest of his audience, and offered what seemed to be sound advice to his paying clients.  All in all, I was very impressed.

I share this with you simply to suggest there is no "one way" to build wealth.  This gentlemen found a niche, incentivized authority leaders in his target market, and built a very successful and unique business.  I encourage you to draft 5 ideas that may succeed using a similar business model and take them to 3 people you trust.  In a spirit of complete harmony, see if you can't forge your own prospective product.  Leave a comment below if you found this interesting, or have an idea that you created with assistance from this case study.

And as always, thanks for reading!


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