Jul 16, 2013

Responsibility, Cavemen, Term Life, and New Testament

Getting married is a pretty big milestone in one's life.  As a man, no longer can you drift through life unclear about how you will support yourself next month or next year.  You are now responsible for at least one other person.

On Responsibility

Its funny how having less freedom in life can actually provide a lot more happiness.  Single life offered enless possibilities of how to spend your time, or whom to spend it with.  Reminiscing often only highlights the positives, and for many, the memories of life in college or life in their 20s as a single person was a BLAST! 

I had a good time.  I miss many friends that I don't see anymore.  But I have found that I wouldn't change a thing in my life right now.  I have a woman I love FAR MORE THAN myself, and the responsibility of being a husband and hopefully someday a father is something I deeply treasure. 


Isn't the discovery channel fun to watch?  A glass of wine before bed and a show about prehistoric dinosaurs or cavemen is a great way to wind down and I highly recommend it.

The other day I watched a show about Homo Sapiens and prehistoric man and really got a kick about the hunter-gatherer, nomadic lifestyle.  Man do we have it good!  If we want something, a quick shot down to the grocery store puts it in our fridge.  If a wild beast is wandering through our neighborhood, we call the animal control units.

Back then, men had to go out with spears and stones to find meals for their family, often having to protect their home from predators... or other CAVEMEN!  Can you imagine guarding a cave overnight while your family sleeps?

Take a moment and think about this.  That caveman wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice not only a great night's sleep, but his LIFE for his family.  Shouldn't we be prepared to at least make sure their taken care of when we're gone?

Term Life Insurance

I'll keep this simple and just recommend you do what I did and get some term life insurance for your spouse especially if you have kids.  Maybe both spouses get term insurance.  Whatever the case, I chose to get 10 times my salary for a 25 year term.

In my opinion, best $30 bucks/month I've ever spent.  Knowing that my family will be ok should something happen to me provides a feeling of relief I cannot explain.  Don't bother with "whole life" or "variable" or "universal" life insurance, you don't need it.

The New Testament

You know how somethings stays on your to-do list for a long time?  Sometimes months!?!  I want you to ask yourself the following questions.  And read it aloud.  Yeah, I'd like you to read it aloud:

Do I have a will or a trust signed and notarized, ready to be used to handle my affairs should I get hit by a bus and die today?

My wife and I finally got this done today, and like getting life insurance, it helps me feel CALM.  I know that should the worst happen, my wife will be able to handle all of my affairs (hopefully) without a headache. 

Don't get me wrong, this took us a long time to do.  After finally acting on some excellent advice to get our wills done through Nolo.com, they sat in our office unsigned for over 4 months.  The other day I had a nasty dream and COMMITED myself to getting this done.

I haven't yet set up a trust, but recommend this to families with children.  Take the time to go see an attorney, fork over $1,000 bucks or so to draw up your trust docs and update your bank accounts, investment accounts, and real estate titles.  I GUARANTEE you, your kids will say a few extra prayers for you when you're gone. 

Knocking these 2 items off of my to-do list has really made a positive impact in my life.  I know that my family will be able to thrive and continue living a happy and healthy life should anything happen to me. 

I'd like for you to take a step back and try to determine what is more important to you, doing a costco run and getting a haircut, or relieving your spouse and family from endless heartache and struggle ON TOP of losing you.  I know you'll do what's right.



  1. Peace of mind is one of the few treasures in life. The things you are checking off offer that.

  2. I just got married 2 years ago so I know exactly what you mean about thinking back to single life, but being completely happy having a spouse. My wife and I have yet to get term life insurance. I just keep putting it off, but I know I should get some soon. I think I'll wait until we have a kid.