Jul 26, 2013

The Tortoise Banker Carnival, 3rd Edition

Welcome to the 3rd edition of the Tortoise Banker Carnival, a selection of my favorite articles related to building wealth this week. If you would like to be included next week, please submit your post via Blogger Carnivals. If you would like to host for a future edition, please contact me at slowandsteadytortoise@hotmail.com.

Here are the guidelines:
  • Posts submitted should be written within the last 30 days
  • The posts must relate to building wealth, saving and investing, budgeting, entrepreneurship, or travel and lifestyle
  • Submit by Wednesday night for the Saturday edition
  • Please mention the carnival in your roundups if you have been featured!
So, let's get started with this week's roundup.

Bob @ Christian Personal Finance was kind enough to put together a beautiful collage of DIY ideas, playlists, and other creative projects for the bride or husband to be. 25 Pinterest-Inspired Frugal Ideas for Your Wedding gives us a bunch of sweet ideas from pinterest to save you some dough on your special day.

AB @ Aspiring Blogger offers a unique metaphor in Personal Finance is Like Candy Crush - Personal finance can be a struggle… just like AB's new addiction - Candy Crush! In fact, the two have more in common than you might think (it’s actually pretty crazy). Join AB as he shows you the crazy world where Candy Crush and personal finance collide!

Glen Craig @ Free From Broke gives the inside scoop on using credit card rewards to boost the fun factor of your vacations in Get More Travel From Your Purchases With These Travel Rewards Cards - Using a credit card with travel rewards will give you benefits like free flights, hotel nights, upgrades and more. See which cards he thinks are the best.

Christopher @ This That and The MBA shares a high quality overview on Why You Need Business Insurance - Businesses need several different types of insurance to protect them from financial ruin; the decision between getting insurance or not is the decision between whether you, your company and your employees are safe or at risk of losing hard earned money.

GD @ MLIQ123 overviews some of the different types of insurance out there, with a focus on the best option for most families, Term.  His post, Term Life Insurance - Definition, Coverage, Plans - explains that almost everyone needs life insurance and term coverage is the most popular type of policy available in the United States. In this comprehensive guide, GD defines term life insurance and its characteristics, the different ways to calculate the death benefit you need, how companies calculate rates, and finally, offers a detailed comparison of more than a dozen of the most common term life policies you'll find.

The College Investor poses the question, Is It Ever Ok to Time The Market? - We all know the stock market has been on a tear the past couple years making us all look like Warren Buffett. Harry's 401(k) is up nearly 14% so far this year and all he's done is stayed the course. In this post, Harry shares his take on market timing as well as some solid wisdom on how to "think" your way to success.

Nick @ A Young Pro has done a fine job of sharing How to Grow When Your Job Doesn't Challenge You - Stuck in a job that doesn't push you? Want to grow in your job, but feel like you have already mastered it?Nick shares some tips to help you break through.

MMD @ My Money Design writes this week about The Value of Time and Money - MMD was pleasantly surprised to find a movie that made him think about how our society looks at the value of time and money, and shows by example how they could each substitute each other as a currency.

DW @ Great Passive Income Ideas gives us some examples of How To Pick The Best Residual Income Model For You - If you're looking to earn even more money than you are now or leave your boring job, then one of the best options is to follow the residual income model and create income streams that will get you there. This post is a collection of ideas on how to do that.

Matt Becker @ Mom and Dad Money challenges us to Budget With a Passion - A good budget helps structure your life so that your regular spending habits keep you right on target for the things you truly care about. It's freeing in that you remove the guesswork from your daily spending decisions, which allows you more leeway to spend money on the things you want. Getting to that point isn't always easy, but if that’s your end goal, why not make it your starting point as well?

Kevin Watts @ Graduating from Debt gives us a great compilation of The Top 29 Best Personal Finance Sites For Recent College Grads To Read Today - I encourage any recent graduates to check these out as they will undoubtedly give you some "food for thought" during this critical time in your lives.

Jay @ The First Million is the Hardest shares some tips on Conducting A Job Search While Still Employed - Searching for a job can be hard, especially if you have to keep it from your current employer. Jay gives us some great tools to help navigate this tricky situation.

PaulineMake Money Your Way is chronicling her journey to prosperity at her blog MMYW.  Successful attempt at making money online: Start your own website is the third part of a series about how Pauline failed at making money online, then succeeded, with freelancing and starting her own website.

John S @ Frugal Rules reminds us over at his blog that It’s Not What You Make, it’s What You Keep - It’s a common myth that the more money you make the more well off you’ll be. However, if you spend all that money, then it’s all for show. By living frugally and making wise spending choices, with the future in mind, John reminds us that you can build wealth at nearly any income.

Little House @ Little House in the Valley offers some words of wisdom about America's other favorite summer pasttime... CAMPING!  LHITV's post, Great Summer Activity: Camping notes that it doesn’t have to be as “rough” as people think. There are definitely varying levels of “roughing” it when camping...

Matt @ Living in Financial Excellence offers up a STELLAR post on how to DIY With Under $20 at IKEA - If you’re in search of extra storage space in the kitch – on a budget and lacking ideas - Matt recommends taking a nice walk around your local Ikea as a wise place to start.

TONS of useful advice out there in the Personal Finance and Lifestyle world.  Please share some of this great info with your friends!

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  2. Great job on the Round Up. I see some reads that I missed that I really need to take a look at. Budget with a Passion is one I will start with.