Useful Resources

Great tools for your use:

FIRECalc - The original monte carlo simulator using trinity study findings.

cFIREsim - A crowdsourced retirement planner and simulator.  Arguably better than FIRECalc.

(Reddit) r/financialindependence - Awesome reddit sub you'll certainly enjoy.

Bogleheads - Best investment forum on the internet.  Be sure to check out the Wiki.

Retire Early Home Page - Just a cool old school site from an original early retirement gangster.

Mr. Money Mustache - If you don't know, you should.  Retired at 30 with a paid off house (200k) and 600k in investments, allowing for 24k annual expenses.

Mr. Money Mustache Forum - Great ideas for spending less, and motivation for saving more. Forum - These dudes typically are way more conservative than MMM forums (save way more, 2.5% to 3% withdrawal rates more common).

Networthify Early Retirement Calculator - How many years until you can retire?

___________ - Insert your local/state library website here.  I read tons of ebooks for free, try it!

*There are zero affiliate links on this page.  Just sharing some knowledge cause it gives me the warm and fuzzies.