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I'm Lucas, author of The Tortoise Banker.  By day I work as a Bank Manager where I have the pleasure of meeting all kinds of wonderful people, and have the honor of helping them reach their financial goals.

I also fish, have an MBA, and am blessed to be married to the most beautiful and wonderful woman in the world! We enjoy a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle here in Bend, Oregon, and one of my passions is helping clients and friends with their personal finances.

The following set of principles form the foundation of my winning strategy.  These steps are simple to understand, but not easy.

1. Liquidate All Debt
2. Keep Overhead Low
3. Pay Cash
4. Keep Lots of Cash on Hand
5. Pay Yourself First. . . Automatically
6. Max Out Tax Advantaged Space
7. Keep It Simple
8. Set Goals and Track Progress
9. Forget About the Joneses
10. Be a Compulsive Saver
11. Work to Maximize Your Income
12. Protect Your ASSets and Income
13. Don't Lend Money or Cosign on a Loan
14. Enjoy Life
15. Stay Healthy
16. Start Now

I look forward to helping you avoid many common financial mistakes, and get you focused instead on eliminating debt, increasing your savings rate and investing in low cost index funds via tax advantaged IRA, 401k, and investment accounts (preferably at Vanguard).

I invite you to review our Tortoise Banker Archives for other articles that may interest you, as well as the useful resources page for excellent sites, calculators, and forums I've discovered that I'm sure you'll enjoy.  Feel free to leave your comments or questions on the site which I will respond to promptly with the best information I can provide.  If you'd like to reach me directly, give me a shout at slowandsteadytortoise at hotmail dot com.

Thank you for visiting!